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  • Veterinarian screened and immunized
  • American Kennel Club Certified
  • Continental Kennel Club Certified
  • Health Guarantee
  • State of NH Health Certificate

Located on a quiet road in Mason, NH, Pug Pies is an exclusive Pug breeder. We have carefully selected our dogs to optimize the health and beauty of our puppies.

The dogs are also our family pets, so they are accustomed to a nurturing environment. The puppies are held and snuggled by adults and children at every opportunity we get. Pugs love lots of attention! We welcome scheduled visits.

Pugs are fun-loving, social, and make the most wonderful pets. They grow to be 14-18 pounds, and are 12-14 inches in height. We have both black and fawn pugs.

They are also a large and timely commitment, they live for 12+ years. So be sure everyone in your house is in agreement to the responsibility of owning a dog.

So get ready to have some fun with the funnest of all the dog breeds!

Pug Pies
(603) 878-9069

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